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Draft Example from the Book: Jampa, the Journey Home


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Draft Example from the Book: Thunder Dragon Kingdom

   With the Dragon descends from above the sky and rich green hillsides appear as the humming sound fills me with great expectations, a virgin landscape untouched and pure. Ancient roof top structures are sighted below and after some time the sight of the place of arrival is appearing, the landing strip, the dragon fly along the mountain right before it suddenly turns right and dives down into the valley. With the tree top almost brushing the wings of the dragon maneuver itself closer and closer towards the destination with roof tops and buildings as close as within reach, the dragon just clears the last hill under its right wing and gently lands to a humming like roar of an applause safe on the ground.


   To enter the Kingdom I climb down from the Dragon air transport, also known as Druk Air and stand for a moment taking inn the first glimpses of the surrounding landscape and houses,the scenery is beyond anything else, as if one has been transported into a place were time does not exist, as if one has been transported 1000 of years back in history yet in a modern society.


.....come around a left corner bend and what is revealed to me is beyond all expectations, viewing the Paro valley and hillsides and the 700 meter cliff right in front of me with the big and all of the smaller Lhakangs and gompas. Tigers nest, Paro Taktsang. Guru Rinpoche came flying here on the back of the tiger according to the legends. I have never ever before seen anything as spectacular as this, monastery's hanging on the mere cliff, how is possible to ever build such a palace in such a remote location, it is said according to the legend that the building are constructed by Dakinis and tied to the cliff with Dakinis hair. I mean I have seen pictures of this place before but the pictures isn’t even close to expressing how marvelous this place rely is.


.......towards the waterfall into the last bend in the corner of the valley of the cliff I am filled with joy I pass the small retreat hut up on the left and follows the path turning right and walks up the last few steps and enters threw the door. A few smaller buildings on the left and then to the camera check point before the main entrance, I leave my cameras behind and walks up the ancient steps onto the Paro Taksang.

   On each side of the entrance are colorful paintings of legends and Buddhist history displayed in art form.

As I come up in the inner courtyard with stairways going left and right and further up I am in taking my time breathing deep taking it all in, turning around my own axis bold as love and so grateful for being in this sacred place. Slowly walking further up the stairs to the back of the main building then up a few more steps up to the left and then into the Lhakang behind the main gompa, the Amitayus Shrine room with an huge Guru Drollo, the Guru Rinpoche emanation associated with Tigers nest. Guru Drollo riding on a Tiger. After another 3 prostration I receive from the monk in the room nectar from the Vase and drinks it. thank u Lama.

Outside the sun is shining and I walk further along the back towards the ledge of the wall to enjoy the view, it is 700 meter strait down.The view from this balcony like structure is epic, the whole valley with its beautiful formation and landscape is all revealed in a panoramic view including Bhutanese mountain peaks in the far distance, reflecting the Himalaya range.


......walk back a few meters and turn right up between the Lhakangs and walk into a cave, a Yeshe Tsogyel cave, here one has to climb down some ladders before coming out on a ledge that is so narrow on the outside of the cliff going towards the left side were another retreat gompa is, the wooden boards here are lose and there is free falling like a bird if on slips, 700 meters. So steady, calm and focused and without fear.


   Then i am informed that the shrine room right next to me is the main shrine room of the Tigers nest, The Guru Rinpoche shrine room or lakhang as they say, and then with the hand gesture I am shown that I am most welcome to enter, I smile back and say thank u and walk towards the curtain, takes my shoes of and enter the main shrine room, on the other side of the curtain I am just amazed by the beauty of the decorations, ornaments and paintings on this walls, the Guru Rinpoche statue, the shrine with all its different ritual objects and the Vajra throne, with joy I do prostrations and once again receives from the Lama Nectar from the Vase, the monk explains to me the general information of the paintings and different objects on the shrine and the throne and so on. The story of the statue is very interesting, when they first made the statue it was originally intended for another monastery and when the statue were finished and they were about to move it to its new location no one was able to move the statue until the statue apparently spoke and said it was suppose to go to Tigers nest, then they apparently decided to bring the statue to Tigers nest and suddenly they were able to move the statue and it made its way to the Tigers nest were it has been ever since, so obviously it is a special statue. I am also told that this is also the only gompa or shrine room that did not get damaged in the fire a few years back. It is authentic and still in its original state.


   After some time looking around and talking with the monk, seeing tourists come and go I walk out from the room putting my Bhutan shoes on again gazing strait out from the balcony over on to the Yeshe Tsogyel shrine about a 100 meters on the other side of the cliffs bend. Then with a smile on my face turns left and then climbs slowly down the steep stair way, here I enter a new Lhakang and after the big prayer wheel I enter a room with an Guru Drollo statue, I prostrate in front of the statue and the Lama smiles and again I receive nectar from the vase in this shrine room also, then on the left side of the statue is a solid golden ornamented door, the Lama points to it with the gesture for me to walk over to the door and have a peak into the room, with a smile walk over to the door and up on the stone structure functioning as a pre-doorstep and have my first glance into the room, the cave is kind of rectangular in shape, and in it center is a Central shrine structure with an powerful display of 108 phurbas, ritual daggers set in a formation of a Mandala, Guru Rinpoche, or Guru Drollo made that mandala they say. And the room is only open once a year for a special ceremony, pudja and prayers with the High Lamas of Bhutan, I am just taking my time here letting it all sink in, kind of just like scanning the scenery with my eyes and downloading it into my essential true nature, download completed, then I slowly turn around and smiles back at the monk, He is still smiling and we have some brief conversation. Walking out from the shrine room I turn right right along the lower balcony passing a stone on my left, here the local Bhutanese people are having some fun, ca 3 meters from the rock they put their hand strait out pointing their index finger strait towards I small hole in the rock, laughing and then closing their eyes while starting to walk towards the stone while trying manage to put the finger into the hole. A wooden beam is also close to the line of walking and some of them actually bumps into the pole on their way towards the rock but all seams to enjoy it and tit looks like they are having a lot of fun. Back at the stairway I walk up again and checks out a few other rooms.


   Standing near the he Guru Lakhang enjoying the view of the valley and landscape I ask a man something concerning some of the gompas and so he introduces me to the caretaker of the Tigers nest and after some talk I ask him if it is ok to sit for some time in the Gompa and do some practice and then explains to him that I brought my prayer book. He smiles happily and tells me yes of course, with the hand gesture for me to go back into the shrine room and by telling the younger monk in Bhutanese to inform the monk inside the Lakhang. I thank the caretaker for his generosity walks over to the door and takes my shoes of, the red slipper like denim shoes with Dragons on, my Thunder Dragon shoes, enters the gompa and do the annual 3 prostrations , then the monk who cares for the shrine room smiles again and shows me were I can sit, next to the Vajra throne, this reminds me of a recently dream that I was................ (secret info) ..................... to continue more recitations and prayers.


   So I make my self comfortable on the carpet / cushion / seat and opens my prayer books and takes a few deep cleansing breaths, looking around the room taking it all in with wide open eyes, totally present and relaxed. Then start the prayers and recitations looking at the Guru Rinpoche statue....... Sangye Chø Dang………. With a little bit of serious attitude, to do some serious practice.while i am looking up at the........... (secret info) .........

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