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Thunder Dragon flight beyond the sky's, descending into hidden valleys, Arrival Monastic immigration checkpoint and greeted by friends in a land filled with Sunshine Mystery and Magic.

Wangdhitse Gompa ancient timeless ornamented Sakyamuni surrounded by 8 stupas from another time & dimension were time has seased.



Secret place visited


12.10.13 Medecine Buddha Day

Lunch with Rinpoche & Dharmapala & Arrival of a few more friends, metting oint along the road half way. Assending up the side valley passing ancient houses more than 1000 years old, new mani wheels and disapear into the hidden Guru Rinpoche beyul of long life. Crossing a river to the Chod rock were magic happen. Across the river up to sacred water sourse and the monastery of Long life, presioce long life pills recieved. The Long life cave and the rangjung Ah, resting place and USHA. Drupka Kinlye & Khandro Cave. Decending down the valley down to the main road and back to Rinpoche for evening meal & blessings by timeless ancient relics. Emaho.



on the Parking place below the Tigersnest Rinpoche offers and hand over the Ugyen Usha and slowly we ascend up to the Cliff hanging Monastery. On the way 2 Khandros & becomes my travel companion, visiting Yeshey Tshogyal shrine and enter the golden framed Door. Up the last stairway and into the Taktsang entering sacred space and shrine rooms, Dorje Pagmo & the upper Taktsang Yidams, the Urgyen Norla & 3 Long life Dieties, Visiting most sacred Shrine room were we seat with Rinpoche, the Guru Drollo Shrine room main cave, here transmissions on Guru Drollo is received from Rinpoche before we have a small break and again go back to Drollo Shrine and continue the transmission. Then Guru Lhakhnag and upper Guru Lhakhang with the Door in the floor seeing the sacred purba cave. Then a visit to the cave called tigers nest and enjoy the view of the upper Paro Valley before going down towards the Yeshey Tshogyel Killaya cave and slowly ascend up to Machig Lhakhang and up to the viewpoint for packed lunch were i offer footsoles to Rinpoche and slowly we ascend up up up passing ancient monastery and Tshamkhang and disappear into the forest as night slowly descend up the valley.


14.10.13 Guru Rinpoche day

From the Cliff of 100.000 Dakinis and Ugyen Usha Cave & Sky Burial Mountain slowly walk along ridges into ancient forests and pristine changing beautiful landscape befor slowly descending to the timeless monastery retreat place for tea and Lunch & on to the Gompa Ragye with a Speaking Guru Rinpoche statue were Usha Pudja is completed to a smiling happy and content Guru Rinpoche with Tshog. Slowly down the trail were Ranjung Purbas are on display and descending into the green valley to the village were warm tea and of to the Farm house home stay for varm Shower & Arrak & Dinner, shrine room and living room with ancient wall murals.



7th century Kitchu Lhakhang Usha pudja, how amazing chinlab in this place from the time of King Songtsen Gampo. New Guru Lhakhang with happy monk and up to Thaktsang view for Traditional hot stone bath.



Tango monastery Tenzin Rabgye Tulku private audience meeting with blessings.



RAPA hall preparing for the relics openings, purifying the water bowls and Ministers and Dasho and Monk body of Thimphu drathsang. Then the official opening and lines of people outside awaits streacing out to the gate and all the way up the street up to the upper roundabout. 1000 of people receives blessing. Blessings received By the 2 High lamas 5 times and also on the Guru Usha.


18.10.13 Amitabha Day (full moon)

Filling the water bowls for the relics and yet another bliss full day and again lines of people are awaiting the blessings of the ringsel. Today my vision from 2007 has been fulfilled and manifested, my job has been done, from Thimphu the whole country to its boarder rims is filled with stainless light.

Slowly up towards the Dochu la pass and Descend towards Lobesa and Chimi Lhakhang cafe for Lunch, warm meting with the family again and then into the Zangdo Palri.

The Majestic Punakha Dzong (fortress) and across the bridge and up the middle stairways up int the yard. Back under the Bodhi tree in the courtyard for meditation and prayers and then into the Main Shrine room with the Guru Rinpoche, Sakyamuni & Shabdrung statues before doing a kora and walking down the narrow yard that runs on the side and back to the bodhi tree.

Prayes in front of the talking Gyalwa Jampa were Zhabdrung fell asleep and meet Guru Rinpoche in his dream were Guru showed him Punakha Dzong and later when he wake up he built accordingly to his visionary dream.



Up valleys and over high passes and downhill skateboarding into new green hidden valleys passing farmhouses and the stupa mani wall. Double Rainbows after lunch time before the Trongsa Dzong and again up into the clouds and over yet another pass and descend into new vegetation and open rich valleys of more downhill skateboarding and winding roads. Chumi Khandro and eventually Kiki la pass and back again into the same old guest house of the Bumtang valley and Jakar town. At 12:00 midnight up at the festival market and yet again witness the Pema Lingpa Ter Cham, Naked Dance.



Jambey Lhakhang cham, market & pudja i Temple, the 7th century untouched monastery with the Maitreya Buddha, Guru Lhakang, Kalachakra, Chenresig and Karmapa disciple chorten.



Jambey Lakhang Tulku & Dorje lingpa tresure blessings and Zangdo Palri & Kurjey Lhakhang for Pudja with Chilab. Meeting the Pemalingpa Tamshing tulku.

After a nice lunch up to the sacred water source and across the river up to Padmasambava lhakang and Tamshing for Kinleys 3 mail chain kora.

Upstairs in Amitayus Lhakhang Pema lingpa Tulku ask me to enter and i receive his blessings.

Chess factory outlet and cafe late in town and yet another priceless day in Bumthang.



Back up winding roads aver 2 passes and up to the watch tower and lunch in the place of the the stupa Tangbiji and and up the valley and above another pass. Taxi arrive to take 1 friend to thimphu while we go up left over a pass into the valley of the black neck cranes and back to the farm guest house of Gantey. Pudja in the Shrine room of Gangtey tulku.



Gangety gompa receive blessing pills and over the pass with Himalayan snow peaks visible all the way to Tibet and down to the Wangdue bridge for a dip in the water by the white sands. Lunch again at chimi lhakhang cafe and up the the Divine madman's monastery for blessings and chinlab. Slowly ascend up to dochula for nice view of 108 stupas and snow coverd mountain peaks disappearing in evening clouds and then victory monastery with the wall mural paintings like no other.

Back in thimphu.



Seing of my freinds as the go to paro



(Private project day)

Chinlab from Dorje Naljorma pudja in ANi Gompa.



Lhabab Duchen Day Tandin nye with Terma Gau box blessing & Tongdroal, Guru Nye Monastery and Sakyamuni Gompa.




Continuuming....... on: Bhutan Padyatra






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Bhutan Beyul Pureland Experience

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