On-Going Projects & Support

More Information will be posted soon:


Arranging & work/host the Maitreya relic exhibit in Drammen

20-22 September 2013

http://www.maitreyarelictour.com/  in connection with http://drammensacred.no/index.php/en/


3 books written and 4 more in process

7 photo books on standby


New TV production in process 

a Cliff-Hanger from:



3 Film Script in the Making (1 completed)


New Art Exhibits


J.N. T-shirt designer line


Cartoon illustrations


Building design & development projects


Travel Continuum


Pureland travels Support projects Go To:        (incl. previous Monastery & architectural layout designs)

http://Purelandtravels.com/   & press on the right side Vertical meny bar on: Projects


The GNH Norway project:






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