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The Continuum


The Date Revelation: 28.09.2013


A continuous journey into Hidden Pure lands,

through Concrete Jungles & High altitude

beyond the boundaries of time and space,

celestial mansion & blissful Goddesses.

Timeless wisdom & liberation sound, The Doorway was....... Found, Experienced & realized. Limitless creative resources, experience, sacred art and revelations.

Ever Potent. Universal boundless Consciousness, awareness & direct.

Omnipresence. Awaken And so it unfolds.........(to be updated & continued)
















Wondering Yogi

29.09.13  Liberated

Airborne uplifted and weightless, liberated from worldly bonds, soaring the sky

Eagle man into new adventure and Exploring experiences into sacred hidden valleys & landscapes, the stars come out at night as the Garuda flights cross the universe in a blink of an Eye


30.09.13. Arrival Boudha

Ancient timeless Stainless white Stupa, radiation of the peaceful blessing energies, for weeks i roamed with Sacred relics of Buddhas of the past present and future and beyond, yet again back at the place of circulation


05.09.13 Nuba Rinpoche

Radiant face of compassion, Yogi & Rinpoche of the High Mountains, how fortunate and lucky to have had the chance to meet.


06.09.13 Nagarjun Peak

Stairways beayond heavenly ralms and into the timeless state, a pathway is layed firmly to the Peak. Nagarjuna Om Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Boddhi Soha. Guru Rinpoche Buddha beyond the 3 times, what a blessing to this world...

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum the world yet not of it.


08.09.13 Nyng-Kyi

Up on the Hillside with panoramic views, fro the retreat of the Khandros, effortlessly along the green ridge with Sun light, Golden Stupa withMindrub & Chinlab of the Rime linage holders, may your present incarnation benefit beings limitless in accordance with the Dharma and once again back to the White Stupa.


09.09.13 Meditation

Contemplation Meditation path of no more Meditation, everything Naturally and spontaneously is meditation without effort and even beyond the concept it self, a natural state of mind u all ready dwell in not something u wish to obtain but all ready are, Dzogpa Chenpo.

Rainbow body at time of passing though before, in physical form  now manifested.

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