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Four Nobel Truths

1. The Truth (recognition) of Suffering

2. The Cause of Suffering

3. The Truth of Cessation of Suffering

4. The Truth of the Path that leads away from suffering


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Four Seals

1. Everything that is conditioned is impermanent – ‘Du-byas-thams-cad-mi-rtag-pa-red

2. Everything that is stained brings suffering – Zag-bcas-thams-cad-sdug-bsngal-red

3. All phenomena are empty and devoid of a self – Chos-thams-cad-stong-zhin-bdag-med-pa-red

4. Nirvana is peace – Myan-‘das-ni-zhi-ba-red


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Four Great confidences of Fearlessnes

1. Fearlessness in the knowledge of all things / The Ground of your own Being (primordial Awaken)

2. Fearlessness in knowing all the cessations of corruption / Spiritual Awakening within yourself (great confidence) 

3. Fearlessness according to the definitive prophetic declarations that these things which are intermittently cut off on the path do not change into something else / Free from Birth, cessation & abiding (cofidence devoid of fear)

4. The fearlessness that the path through which all excellent attributes are to be obtained, transformed and ascertained, is just as it is /

Original Pure (beyond Samsara & Nirvana)


Four Great Immeasurable states

1. Loving Kindness (Love)

2. Compassion

3. Joy (appreciative)

4. Equanimity

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