Padmapala is a Bhutanese Meditation Centre



Focusing on the practise and study, history & teachings or the Lotus Born Guru Rinpoche,

the Terton's, Terma's & Tulku's.

Yogi's & Yogini's, Ngakpa's & Ngakmo's, Tokden's, Tshampa's & Drubthob lineage and lineage awearness holders Vajrayana (tantric) tradition.


(more info coming soon about the center and the highly respected and officially authorised Bhutanese teachers & lineage)










Padmapala Center retreat location Drammen Norway

Founder: Jorgen Novik has been practicing fulltime student of Lama Changchub at Karma Tashi Ling & Mindrolling Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche since 1997. He practices fulltime and has traveled and practiced as a wandering Yogi in the Himalayas region since 2005. He studies also with Dungse Garaba Dorje Rinpoche in the Yogi tradition of Dudjom Tesar .

On his return to Bhutan in October 2015 Jorgen got official orders and instructions from Tsugla Races Samten Dorji of Bhutan ((vajra master of the secret mantra rituals) one of Bhutan Je-Khenpo's highest Lama's) to officially teach and spread the Dharma, especially in Norway. (Previous inquiries by Tibetans and Westerners for over a period of several years now, to turn & spread the wheel of Dharma)

created Norway Tshampa

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